Gerard Mousasi To Face The Legend

Early next year, the UFC middleweight Gegard Mousasi will face the legend Dan Henderson but will also face Michael Bisping in 2015. Before that he is to follow some strict rules regarding rest and medical checks as well as some very intense therapy. He is also to play some indoor six-a-side football.

Michael Bisping knockout should see Rockhold ranked higher

Ultimate Fighting President or UFC president Dana White agrees with Luke Rockhold that he should be ranked than his current fifth position after his brilliant win against English fighter Michael Bisping.

The UFC Middleweight said that he doesn't see any reason why he should be ranked lower than Rolando Souza in the rankings for the UFC Middleweight division and although most people do not agree with him, the UFC boss is in agreement with him.

Michael Bisping Next Fight: ‘The Count’ Believes Cung Le ‘Tried To Cheat’; 185-Pound Contender Says Loss At UFC Macau Would Have

The next fight of Michael Bisping would not have taken place if his battle against Cung Le at the UFC Macau finished in a loss. The Brit middleweight wrestler also thinks that his last opponent attempted to cheat him out of a win. Michael Bisping's upcoming battle would be against Luke Rockhold, the former Strikeforce 185-pound champion, on 7th November, in Sydney in Australia. Before the forthcoming bout, Michael confronted mixed martial arts' Cung Le at UFC Macau back in August.

WWE set to become bigger and better in 2015

The WWE is the biggest entertainment business in history of sports all over the world. Every year there is something new that the organizers and the business planners have to offer. The people all over the world have appreciated their efforts throughout the world and it is of no surprise that they have become the greatest grosser as far as the television rights are concerned. The 2015 season of WWE is also tipped to be one of the best ever. A number of veteran superstars have already returned to the ring. It involves the much feared Brock Lesnar and the evergreen Chris Jericho.

The Rock spills the beans on Sting’s WWE bow

There has been talk of Sting making his vow in the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE this year for a long time and although it hasn’t happened yet, the chances are that he will soon end his decade long hiatus and return to the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the world.
There have been suggestions that Sting has met with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as well as several other bigwigs of the company and although they are yet to iron out a contract for the wrestler, there are chances that all the formalities will be over soon.