WWE set to become bigger and better in 2015

The WWE is the biggest entertainment business in history of sports all over the world. Every year there is something new that the organizers and the business planners have to offer. The people all over the world have appreciated their efforts throughout the world and it is of no surprise that they have become the greatest grosser as far as the television rights are concerned. The 2015 season of WWE is also tipped to be one of the best ever. A number of veteran superstars have already returned to the ring. It involves the much feared Brock Lesnar and the evergreen Chris Jericho.

The Rock spills the beans on Sting’s WWE bow

There has been talk of Sting making his vow in the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE this year for a long time and although it hasn’t happened yet, the chances are that he will soon end his decade long hiatus and return to the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the world.
There have been suggestions that Sting has met with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as well as several other bigwigs of the company and although they are yet to iron out a contract for the wrestler, there are chances that all the formalities will be over soon.

Michael Bisping Not Happy With Vitor Belfort

Michael Bisping is a middleweight contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is a martial expert who has been doing really well in his UFC career. Bisping is going to face Tim Kennedy on the 16th of April, 2014 and he is absolutely excited for this particular match because for almost a year he was not able to fight due to a serious eye injury.

What next for Michael Bisping

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Middleweight Michael Bisping has always been an extremely polarizing figure in the promotion. Fans either love him or loathe him but there is not one Mixed Martial Arts fan who can honestly say that their imagination is not captured by the Englishman.

Return of the Undertaker confirmed

The Undertaker is making his long awaited return to the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE, it has been confirmed.

According to an announcement, the Deadman will be seen on RAW on the 24th of February, the night following the Elimination Chamber pay per view of the company, the same night as the company launches its own television network as well.