Michael Bisping Remains A Clean Middleweight Fighter

With UFC drug test guidelines becoming more stringent, Michael Bisping sees many of his contemporaries failing the drug tests.

He feels that he might be the only fighter in the middleweight division of the UFC who remains clean in this environment. Bisping has several feats to his credit.

Michael Bisping not eager for Henderson rematch

Ultimate Fighting Champiosnhip or the UFC's Middleweight fighter Michael Bisping had some choice words for his one-time conqueror Dan Henderson. Upon being asked what he felt about that knock out defeat at the hands of the UFC veteran at UFC 100, the Englishman snapped back at the interviewer.

Michael Bisping happy with new UFC policy on dope tests

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight fighter Michael Bisping has been a crusader against the use of performance enhancing drugs throughout his career, and rightly so, having fought cleanly throughout.

The Brit has been extremely outspoken about the use of performance enhancing drugs, especially Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in the UFC, which was banned by both the promotion and the Nevada State Athletic Commission about a year ago.

Gerard Mousasi To Face The Legend

Early next year, the UFC middleweight Gegard Mousasi will face the legend Dan Henderson but will also face Michael Bisping in 2015. Before that he is to follow some strict rules regarding rest and medical checks as well as some very intense therapy. He is also to play some indoor six-a-side football.

Michael Bisping knockout should see Rockhold ranked higher

Ultimate Fighting President or UFC president Dana White agrees with Luke Rockhold that he should be ranked than his current fifth position after his brilliant win against English fighter Michael Bisping.

The UFC Middleweight said that he doesn't see any reason why he should be ranked lower than Rolando Souza in the rankings for the UFC Middleweight division and although most people do not agree with him, the UFC boss is in agreement with him.