Bisping says Sonnen is Afraid

Ever since he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, Michael Bisping has let his mouth do more of the talking than his skills inside the octagon of the UFC and this outspoken attitude of the Middleweight fighter has won him over a large section of the crowd who pay their money to see the fighting but has lost him many fans as well.

But that hasn’t deterred the man from England from running his mouth and he has again hit back at one of his favorite punching bags, so to say in UFC Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC President Dana White made a press appearance to announce the dates for three events to be held in Canada later in the year and when asked about a potential super match between Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre, he remained non-committal but it was understandable from his words that he was very open to the idea of a match between two of the greatest pound for pound fighters in the world of all time.


Michael Bisping has been associated with MMA Academy of Wolfslair since quite a long time. This particular top ranked middle weight wrestler has split from the long time team of MMA. Any official news has not been published by the MMA officials or by the wrestler himself.


Many of us want to be a martial arts expert like Bruce Lee, but sadly getting THAT good takes more than just a few minutes - it requires years of dedicated effort to become an expert. It also requires the selection of correct martial arts style. A person can reach nowhere if he selects a wrong way to reach his destination and same thing applies to the selection of the martial arts style.


Wallin homeboy Jon Fitch is getting back in the UFC ring in December, after verbally agreeing to a battle against the up and coming youngster Johnny Hendricks.

Whilst Hendricks has it all to win, with Fitch already the number 1 contender for the title, all us Wallin fans are hoping he manages to save face and mash Hendricks into the ground!

In spite of not being beaten since 2009, Fitch hasn't had the greatest luck in the draws - only being assigned one title fight (which he lost on points to George St Pierre) way way back in 2008.