Koji in the Gladiators

Wallin MMA-fighter "Koji" (148 lb) is ready to make his pro debut in MMA on Feb 26 in the coming "GLADIATOR CHALLENGE" .

Koji is a world-class Muy Thai instructor and competitor and during the last 2 years we have worked hard on getting Koji ready for the MMA-scene.

Amy wins FILA World Championships

Congrats to Wallin MMA female instructor, Anny Hammarsten, for winning the FILA World Championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this weekend in Poland. Not only did Anny take home the gold in the Gi competition, she also managed to take silver in the No Gi competition. All of her hard work has paid off!!! If only I'd had some free bets on!!

Ready for the Challenge

Over in Los Angeles we are preparing Koji for next weeks mma-fight at "GLADIATOR CHALLENGE" and back in Sweden Kristoffer Källgren left Odense (Denmark) last weekend after finishing his Shooto-match 2.55 into round 1 (via armbar).

Next up is Kristoffers team-mate Kristoffer Muren (Swedish shooto-champoin). Muren will take on Jens Östling from "Gladius MMA"on March 27th in "the ZONE- Evolution" . Muren defeated Östlings team-mate in the last " the Zone" and is looking to get more fight under his belt before coming over to SoCal`s MMA-sceene.

Congrats to Freddie Johansson

Congrats to Freddie Johansson from Trollhättan MMA (Team Wallin MMA) for bringing home the Gold-medal from the European Championships in BJJ.

Freddie plowed through the competition and ended the final with an arm-bar to win the 94 KG (208 lb) for Purple-belts. Trollhättan MA also brought home gold from the recent "Alive" (Grappling) finals.

Instructor Heikki Martikainen has all the reasons to be proud of his boys.

Wallin MMA

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