White says Cruz could have returned sooner

There are a lot of believers of what Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC says and if he is to be believed, his Bantamweight title holder was out for a little longer than he needed to be.

Dominick Cruz, the UFC Bantamweight Championship holder will put his title on the line against the interim UFC Bantamweight champion Renan Barao, following an injury enforced absence of more than years at UFC 169 at Newark in February.

And while the rest of the Mixed Martial Arts clan has been by the side of the hard hitting Mexican American during this trying time, a period which saw him undergo two knee surgeries, the UFC president believes one of his star fighters could have easily returned to action a lot earlier.

Speaking to reporters, White stated that he doesn’t need to say this but he thought this out on his own. He mentioned that he thinks Cruz has been stalling his return and added that he has dragged this much longer than he needed to.

White also mentioned that Cruz faces a huge task against the Brazilian in his first fight since returning from injury and he wants to do all he can to ensure his champion is ready for the moment. White stated that knows Cruz is working that extra bit harder to get rid of the ring rust and he has been doing things for the last couple of weeks that made him believe that he could have fought much sooner.

The UFC boss is also hugely excited at the fight, which pits Cruz, who is unbeaten for six years, and ten fights against Barao, who is undefeated for eight years and thirty fights in a fight where one record has to give, which makes it interesting.