WWE Divas news: Bella Twins' story

Brianna Garcia-Colace was just twenty years old when she 1st saw WWE Divas on TV. In awe of female wrestlers, she called her sister, Nicole. The twenty nine year old told that she told her sisters that the divas are not just hot, but they are very good in the ring also. They are empowering and strong. She told her sister that it was their time.

The twin sisters grew up playing soccer in Arizona. Later they tried their luck in acting and modeling. But the time when they started working with the World Wrestling Entertainment, they realized that this is what they are supposed to be doing. The sisters fell in love with the ring instantly.

Garcia-Colace and her sister is all set to lock horns on a match during WWE Live at Blue Cross Arena on Sunday. Garcia told that soccer was a huge part of their life. They were also tremendous athletes. Since childhood, both sisters loved to entertain. At time, they used to sport little skirts for their friends and family members and entertain them with their performances. World Wrestling Entertainment is probably the only industry t hat they love being a part of. She feels that she and her sister are totally fit for the industry.

Garcia-Colace made her WWE debut as Brie Bella on Smack Down in the year 2008. That time she defeated the former women's champ Victoria. One of her favorite parts is the amount of creativity she could bring in the ring.